Artist Easels

..... early in my painting career, I searched art shops in vain for an artist easel that suited my requirements.

Keith W. Thompson Artist Lap EaselSo I designed, developed & patented two easels; *The Lap Easel* and *The Suitcase Easel*described in detail below.

I briefly considered becoming an easel producer before quicky coming back down to earth with the realisation I had no wood working experience!

If anybody is interested in these easels, I am sorry to report they are no longer in production or available for purchase.

I must admit, I have now found other easels which suit my way of working.

Keith W. Thompson Artist Suitcase EaselThe *Suitcase Easel* is so named because, when packed up, it resembles a simple suitcase with a handle.

The legs fold into the main shell, like an aeroplane under-carriage; the two shelf supports either side, slide closed and each side storage box has a dovetailed slide detachment system enabling them to be stored within the main shell.

The hinged lid doubles as both a worktop plus on the inside, a storage area for half imperial sized art paper & finished paintings.

It has an automatic rachet device which fastens like a normal suitcase. Although I use it mainly for studio use, when used outdoors, it has proved very stable in windy conditions

The *Easi-Grip Lap Easel* Artist lapeaselwas designed for portability and actually went into production and sold out within the year.

There is an almost unnoticeable natural outward pressure of the thighs which keeps the easel and board upright; this allows both hands to be free.

This easel is portable & light without the drawback of being affected by wind.