Framing & Printmaking

...... before finally becoming a professional artist, I spent many years as a professional framer. This started from humble beginnings, just framing my own paintings.

Keith W.Thompson Watercolor PaintingWord spread. Soon I was framing full time. Good for business but sadly not for my Art.

I took the big step of becoming a full time Professional Artist. Fortunately, my paintings of local scenes were in constant demand.

So much so in fact, Rita and I quickly established a company called Art Impressions of Ireland to produce Art Prints of my Paintings. This led to a demand for Art Prints of my paintings featuring local scenes all over Ireland.

My previous website was primarily developed to showcase this collection of some 200 paintings of Irish Paintings which were available in a variety of products. As before, good for business, but not for my Art, as I had less and less time to paint. So again, it was time to move on.

Our print company was terminated but new exciting times were ahead......