Enniscorthy Castle, County Wexford, Ireland

This large watercolor painting of Enniscorthy Castle was painted en plein air during the annual Wexford Painting Festival.
Part of the appeal of painting outside in one go, is that time is limited and although I arrived early and had a quick tour of the town, the light and shadows had yet to manifest.
In the end I settled in the grounds of a church amongst the graves of lonely souls.
It realised the effect I was after. Note especially how the figures are fused, i.e. connected to local buildings.
This helps the eye travel around the painting.
The price $595 includes the artwork & mount but not the frame or glass.
Collection price only: $795 inc. mount,glass,fittings & frame.

  • Watercolor on 21" x 13" Paper
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Enniscorthy Castle, County Wexford, Ireland