My Paintings

  • As with all my paintings, they are priced packed and shipped as artwork only. This is to avoid the high cost of shipping glass and protecting artwork, be it paper or canvas. The Artist Keith W. Thompson Studio Gallery Painting Suitcase Easelartwork is supplied to you rolled in a tube. The purchase price has been reduced to reflect the saving in the cost of shipping.
  • Visitors to my Studio Gallery are given the choice of buying a chosen painting as artwork only or as framed and hanging.
  • To lessen the fear (for want of a better word) of buying online, I do offer a full money back refund should the painting not be to your satisfaction. I am rather proud of the fact that nobody has yet availed of this offer.. However, your approval matters more, so please don`t hesitate to contact me should the painting not suit your requirements. That said, I do expect the painting to be returned in good condition.
  • Along with the size and price and title of the painting, be sure to note the medium used. Although you can be assured that each one is an original painting, the type of painting does vary e.g. watercolor, oil, pastel, acrylic, digital, mixed media and even collage.
  • A word about paints and paper. Bottom line . I only use the best materials. Paper is made from cotton or rag so it won`t yellow with age. Paints and Pigment Inks used should last over 100 years; Ihope you are still to be around to test this one out!