My Art

Keith W. Thompson Artist Painter"Who can see the wind?
Neither you nor I,
But when the trees bow their heads
The wind is passing by".

.....and so it is with painting light, you aim to paint the effect of the light. A frisky brush, impressionist brushwork and a creative attitude is the basic recipe. These considerations are the same whatever medium is used, whether oil, watercolor, acryllic or digital. Each painting on the website denotes which medium or combination has been used.
I am self taught. Art school is fine if you can find a tutor in accord with your temperament. Self teaching for me though meant many a wrong road taken along the way. I am grateful to all of my teachers, although sadly all of them have now passed on, including my Dad, Bill, a watercolorist. Artists, Edward Seago, Sir William Russell Flint, John Singer Sargent and Hayward Veal, have all silently inspired me when I have done well; they have also depressed me in moments of uncertainty when their artistic mastery seemed so very far away from me.

"....painting is another name for feeling" Constable

I aim to paint with passion and capture the emotion of the moment. This is what makes the connection between the artist and the viewer. It is why people buy paintings. No life!


Many artists make the mistake of painting the effect of just one light source; for instance when painting outdoors, as well as the sunlight, you should also consider the influence of the skylight and various reflected lights bouncing around. Doing this brings life to a painting.


The one most important aspect.


The rules of tone or value are the same for every artist.


Unlike Tone, Color is a personal choice for each artist to interpret.

Keith W. Thompson Artist Studio GalleryPAINTING:

I tend to paint with a Frisky Brush with a lost and found approach. This means creating a variety of edges within the painting; hard (found) and soft (lost) edges provide movement and allows the eye to travel within the painting. The alternative is to paint predominantly hard edges which results in cardboard cutout figures and shapes or mostly soft edges which can result in a wishy washy painting with no inherent design.

"... to him who in the love of nature holds communion with her visible forms, she speaks a various language" BRYANT

The greatest teacher of them all is Mother Nature. Following Her, I guess, is my religion.