Umton Barvy Watercolor Paints Discovered

Thursday 02 September 2010

Umton Barvy Watercolor Paints Discovered
  • Umton Barvy Water Colour Paints are designed for professional painters and are made of the finest high-quality pigments. They are bound with a special emulsion, the primary component of which is the best quality arabic gum.
  • From their range of colors I was able to replace my whole palette as their strength, color & mixing availabilty and price, seem first class. Despite being for sale in my local art shop, I stumbled upon them quite by accident.
  • Their *Viridian* is a dye colour which is not to my taste, but so far I have found all the other colors made by Umton Barvy perfect for my use. I intend to use them for my next painting and then try out their range of oil paints.
  • I found them online at
  • You can also buy them at David Walsh Office, School And Computer Supplies
    41 Lr. Main Street,Dungarvan,County Waterford,Ireland.