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By Hook or By Crook Another painting by artist, Keith William Thompson,which was executed on site in one sitting during the annual Wexford En Plein Air Painting Festival.
The Hook Head is an exhilarating place even during placid summer months; in winter it can be frightening. The main focal point is the historic Hook Head lighthouse, which I have sketched a few times.
On this occasion, the burst of spray on foreground rocks caught my attention and I set up my easel on a small inlet.
It is worth studying the quality and variation of edges within this watercolor; hard & soft, rough & smooth.
The price $595 includes the artwork & mount but not the frame or glass.
Collection price only: $795 inc. mount,glass,fittings & frame.

  • Watercolor on 21" x 13" Paper
  • USD $595.00 with free shipping
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